February 18, 2014

Product Review: Burts Bees Tinted Lipbalm and Almond Hand Cream

Good morning everybody!

Seriously, what is it about doing a video? I produced this yesterday really late at night and uploaded it to my Youtube Channel. First action this morning when I had a second and more thorough look on it was to delete half of the clip, which means basically the parts where I am blabbing about baking bread, baking a birthday cake for my boyfriend, and my problems to speak proper English and not stutter for just 5 minutes in a row.

Trust me, usually I have none of this problems, so it must be due to the late hour and being really tired :) That is probably also why I have this dead serious look on my face. I know I promised you a better quality video the last time, but haven't had time yet to download one of these fancy video editors yet.

If you saw my first review you know that i wasn't very fond of Kiehl's Midnight recovery serum. This is why I am even happier to show you something that I did like today! This video is about the brand Burts Bees, I just recently discovered it and I am already in love :) 

 As I told you I had to cut off the first 2 minutes so just imagine me saying "Hi, how are you today" :)
Enjoy ;)

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