February 25, 2014

Porto on a budget Part II

Yesterday I had to abandon you before finishing the little Porto Review, because the post was just getting too long. So here we go with the second part!

So I told you we were on a budget, but the only thing we didn't want to do without was a nice dinner. Portuguese food is amazing. If I had to summarize it, I'd say its very simple. Pure ingredients put together in a simple way. The most noticeable difference between Portuguese food and other southern european countries is that they can do without tomato sauce. In Spain and also Italy, you can hardly find a dish elaborated without any kind of fried tomato etc. Also, Portuguese food is not light. But hey, after walking around the whole day I needed some calories. We tried several plates and they were all excellent, but the most outstanding one was the Portuguese Fish soup. I just wanted to order one as starter, but ended up ordering 2 more because it was simply delicious. After dinner we basically rolled out of the restaurant because we were so stuffed, and ended up paying a ridiculously low price. The restaurant we went to is Solar Moinho de Vento, its just a little walk away from the center.

Best Fishsoup ever.
Hands down great Restaurant!
 That was the first day. On the second day after a hearty breakfast we went to the Park de Cidade, a huge park a little further away from the center. You can go there easily with bus line 500, which furthermore takes a very scenic route. The park is amazing, a huge green space where people can workout and even shower when they are done. After taking a little walk in the park, we went to the beach next to it. The Atlantic ocean especially at this time of the year has nothing to do with the Mediterranean sea, we saw some huge waves. The promenade that goes all the way from the park to the center is kilometers long and it is an incredibly nice walk. If you go to Porto, take some time to walk around, breath in the sea air and enjoy the sun rays. Later that day we hunted Souvenirs and were lucky enough to find a great little shop that sells really fancy souvenirs. We got some nice stuff for parents, friends and ourselves :)

On the third day we just wanted to relax and strolled around, visited our favorite places and took a long nap in the sun. What can I say , Porto is an incredible place to go for a weekend. Fully recommend it, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me :)

The Ocean!

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On the bridge

Park Cidade

This is a little shopping center in Porto, don't you love the trees on on top?

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