February 6, 2014

Pick the outfit for the birthday girl.

Ha! Just kiddinggg, its not my birthday yet, but soon and I am planning to take my bf out for dinner. Yes, you read that right, He is studying German and English for me now, so I feel obliged to fuel his ambitions with little treats, even though its my birthday and I feel that I should be the one taken  out. ;)

Top Zara
As it is my birthday, I want to wear some stuff that I don't usually wear in daily life. The utter objective is to look sexy , yet cute ;).  As I usually wear pants all the time I decided to go for a strict skirt policy. What do you like best?
Don't look at my tired face, just got home after a long day at work. And try to imagine this with some nice hair and jewelry.

I love that temperatures are rising and days are getting longer, but I admit that I feel sorry that it is not allowed any more to wear holiday stuff (glitter, gold, festive colours...) The first two outfits are therefore with a quite festive touch. Too much maybe?

I maybe like the black sequin skirt better than than the golden top, now that I think about it. So in the next outfits I tried some basics, the white Zara skirt with a lingerie top (Women's Secret). The top is actually a dress and is dark blue even though in the pictures it appears rather black. I looove the pink Mango skirt I wear in the other pic, but I barely ever wear it. Its just a really bright pink and hard to combine. I chose this grey H&M sweater to dress it down a little.Try to imagine the skirt freshly ironed, its a little wrinkled after all these months in the dresser... I think now that maybe the black heels would make a better match than the beige ones I wear in the picture. Las but not least, my black leather skirt from Mango with a green blouse also from Mango. Maybe the sexiest look of the 5.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, can you tell I don't have a photographer boyfriend and no studio at home? ;)

Have a nice day!

Skirt Mango, Sweater H&M
Skirt Zara, Lingery Dress Woman's secret, Heels Menorca, Jacket Stradivarius

Skirt & Top mango

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