February 14, 2014

Oppressed Majority

Good morning my dears and HAPPY FRIDAY!

For those of you who feel fooled: I'm gonna  upload another post later this day.

But right now I want to talk about this french short film called 'Oppressed Majority'.
Its about the daily life of a woman, lived by a man. I know many people are sick of the gender debate, and I know that in the western world we don't have that much of a struggle any more. What are lower salaries and little dirty remarks about your body parts compared to what women have to go through in other parts of the world. I invite you to watch this video, it really raises awareness to see a man live a woman's daily life.

I live in Spain as you know, a great country but with a Macho Culture as old as the country itself. Its getting better and I know many guys here who are not like this at all, but overall it is still normal that most males, especially when lingering around in groups, feel they need to tell you what they think about your breast, legs, butt and other body parts. Its daily business for me to change street sides when approaching these groups just because I don't like to be talked like this. When i went to the park recently a aprox. 60 year old guy sneaked up behind me and patted my butt. He seemed to think it was a great joke. It wasn't the first time things like this happened to me.

Lets not keep still until these little issues finally don't form part of our lives any more!

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