February 10, 2014

Le Week-End

        Hello Lovers!

How was your weekend? Friday was beautiful and I was lucky enough to get out of the office early and spend the afternoon reading a book in the garden. In the morning my sweet A. woke me up  (as requested) with a birthday cake and candles and I opened the little gifts I received. Very grateful for the people that thought of me on my special day. In the evening we went out for dinner. Finally I decided that I wanted to wear the pink skirt with the grey sweater, just felt like wearing something fun :)

I had been quite biased about where I wanted to have dinner, but in the end my stomach won over all the fancy little restaurant and we had some yummy Pizza and fresh Pasta in a very nice , but not very fancy Italian restaurant. We went out there slightly tipsy, stuffed with Parmegiana, Pizza, Pasta, Tiramisu and Pana Cotta, and feeling perfectly happy.
The rest of the weekend was grayish, so I just left home to go running. Besides that I dedicated my time to watching series, drinking hot chocolate, eating cake, cooking more pasta and preparing some posts for this week.

Hint: I'll show you looks for a Valentines Date on tuesday, wednesday and thursday and a little DIY on friday.

Hope you had an excellent weekend :)

Hot chocolate and Birthday cake


Cooking! Hot Pyjama right? :)

 Dress: Benetton. Boots: Springfield.Beanie: Zara

Birthday outfit

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