February 7, 2014

Its my birthday!

Good morning everybody!

And isn't it a wonderful morning when you turned a year older AGAIN?
I gotta admit that when i turned 21 I panicked about growing older so quickly, but ever since I decided its not worth it. Yes, I am older now, but it happens to all of us. 

What I miss about the early twenties: The TIME I had back then. In another post I complained about my naive attitude when i was young, wasting time but now I think that was exactly the right thing to do. Sitting in an office most of the days now, I feel so grateful for these years I had and the life I lived when i was younger when things were not really serious. Wasn't it a crazy time, on the one hand without any real serious obligation, but on the other hand doing the steps that are shaping your future.  I feel that now I am quite settled and of course, I could still decide to quit my job and start working in Landscape Architecture, lets say, but it has become a lot more complicated. Mostly because I am financially independent now and I worry about money issues. What happens if, what happens if not... Besides the dreams that I pursue (travel, family, buy a house) all require some money. So after all its probably the evil money that keeps me from doing crazy things.

At the Costa Brava

On the other hand, this is one of the positive things about growing older. I have my income, I can afford nice clothes when i want them, I can travel, I can go out for dinner every now and then, and I like it. I also like being in a relationship and having plans for the future. I like settling down, but sometimes I feel this itch and blurry ideas about working for a year on organic farms in the Toscana or the scottish Highlands, or volunteering cross my head.I think in the end its all about keeping the balance between things you want and things you have to do, and never stop dreaming, even if it seems impossible to make these dreams come true one day.

Some other things I learned this past year:

- Taking better care of my skin, this included using Sunscreen when going to the beach, even though it always makes me break out. And this despite the super expensive Kiehls Sunscreen I bought!
- Further improved my alimentation, I pretty much banned processed flour and sugar from my diet and drink a little less milk too.
-Bought more organic food when my budget allows it.
-Worked on doing more altruistic things (aka being less selfish)
- Made the impossible possible and found a place with a garden in Barcelona where I can feel at home.

Some of my goals for this year include:
-Use more sunscreen
-Get promoted in my company and work more sales oriented
-do a road trip
-work on my social life
-spend less money for clothes
-call my parents and grandma more frequently
-work harder
-start eating only organic meat
- DO SOMETHING UTTERLY CRAZY (to be defined...)

Have a wonderful weekend :)

Last but not least, my favorite pins this week. You can also follow me on Pinterest!
Doesn't this look delightfully delicious? Must try!

Cute and Comfy

South of France - need to do a road trip there this year.

Stands for itself

etc etc.

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