February 14, 2014

Flower Power

Hello again,

 as promised some pictures of today's look. As you see its a simple flowery dress, I think I'm gonna wear it a lot in summer, I like it better without tights and with tanned skin. I have been wearing it with my black leather jacket, heels and red lipstick to dress it up, but today I just wanted to have an overall relaxed look and I think the flat heels, the denim jacket and the little leather backpack help to achieve it. Enjoy this moment, we have alllll the weekend ahead :)

I am a huge flower lover and was lucky enough to receive some beautiful flowers today, as you can see if you follow me on instagram.

Hope all of you also received some love today!

xoxo. Sophia

Shoes: Görtz 17, Dress: Ulanka Jacket: Blanco Backpack: Paz Elorza

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