February 12, 2014

Flirty red dress for all occasions.

Hey there!

First of all, Thanks for those who sent me mail with feedback about my video yesterday. One of you wrote: 'You do have a funny German accent , but this stuff is more fun than Valentines Day so keep it up.' another opinion: ' Why do you post Valentines Day stuff if you say you're not so into it yourself, I am single and sick of people going crazy about this.'

Ok, I got the message! No more Valentines Day.
In the post of today I am wearing a look 100 % Zara, the dress is from spring 2013. Back then, they also had it in yellow.
Actually I really fell in love with the yellow dress and wanted it in my closet, but  I wasn't so sure if I can really pull that color of, especial when I'm not tanned. So in the end I opted for this reddish pink that you see here. What I like about this dress is its versatility, I like it better in summer without tights, but you can perfectly wear it with a blazer and boots. With fancy heels its a nice dress for a dinner or party, but with some flats and beachy accessories you can wear it for a stroll at the beach. Definitely one of the best buys I did last year, I have been dressing it up and down a lot and totally love it. You see it also has these fancy little slits in the sleeves.

I am preparing a new review video for you, this time about a product I love!

Have a nice day, Sophia
Look total: Zara

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