February 28, 2014

Double Plaid with black leather

Hello girls,

I just found these shots that I did a couple of months ago. I've had that dress for years and don't wear it very much, its one of these strapless dresses that don't stay in their place and all of a sudden you find them wrapped around your hip instead of covering up the rest of your body ;) Also, I think it really shrinks my chest (boobs?) somehow, still like the beige plaid and the fabric though and that  day I put it on to go have some drinks with friends. I think the leather jacket pairs up nicely with it, in order to add a touch of color I picked this red / green scarf from Oysho, which is really rather a towel, its so huge!

Not so sure about the black ankle boots, maybe I could do better but they are so comfortable and in that moment comfortable was my choice. I am soo glad that the weekend is about to begin. Since a couple of months I have some really heavy insomnia attacks, I didn't sleep last night and now its 3 am and I am wide awake. Don't even know how to survive the day at work tomorrow. I tried everything, drinking special teas, no exercise too late at night, no internet or TV in the evening, but nothing helps. I think I must have been aging 10 years in the last months, no kidding, just because of the lack of sleep.

Hope you are doing well, and have a nice weekend! I think I'll upload a post on Saturday, so make sure to check it out :)

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