January 29, 2014

New beginning

I had abandoned this blog during a long time, first I had to write my thesis, then i started having a stressful job and I somehow lacked inspiration. But now, 2 years later (thats right, turning 27 in february...) I am back with some fresh New Year resolutions. Basically, I love the internet, I have tons of blogs that I follow on a daily basis and I kind of like to share things about my life. It is not clear yet which direction this is going to take , but I think I'm gonna share something of everything - eats (I am an avid eater and passionate cook) reads, opinions, clothes, travels etc.

I spent the last 30 minutes reading some older entries (many of them I had to delete because they don't have anything to do with my actual situation any more...) And its so fun and scary to see how things moved on.
In general I consider myself a tremendously lucky person, I was never a really ambitious student, but managed to get a good University education, I went abroad just to live an adventure and ended there living in an incredible place with a great job and furthermore, it seems like I also found Mr Right, we got engaged and at this point I have no doubts about his devotion to me anymore. Really, I cannot complain about the last years. I can only hope that the lucky streak continues ;)

Now new things start to worry me, I feel I'm growing old, start regretting all the hours i spent in the Mediterranean sun damaging my skin, all the sleepless nights and all the alcoholic beverages I consumed in my early twenties. I almost don't party anymore, and I have a full time job.Next year, I'll probably get married. Reading this, I can only say that I have turned from a fun loving student to a full grown up.

But hey, life is also good now! I have a regular income that allows me to travel, my job is actually quite flexible when it comes to working remotely, I have date nights with my bf and a very nice place to live.Life also has new challenges, in the next years I'll probably have children , hopefully have a dog, and most likely move back to Germany for a couple of years. No offense to the Spanish, but after a couple of years, I really miss German food, culture, people etc.

So yes, there's a lot to come and I am trying to mold myself as good as I can in the new situation, even though secretly I still dream of quitting my job, running away and travel around.

Have a nice day!

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