December 12, 2011

Thoughts of how to get a career, and regrets of an all too naïve youth .

At the moment I am sitting in our office, trying to recruit people for our clients. I actually never thought I would end up in a job like this, after all politics and economics is what I am passionate about. However, I also really like to deal with people, and in the last 2 months I got to like my new job. I like it that I am in contact with new people every day, and it makes me happy to find a job for a person who potentially has been unemployed or unhappy in their last job.
I don´t think it is especially challenging in an intellectual way, but on the other hand, I have sufficient opportunities to train my intellect in other occasions. Also it seems that I am not doing that bad at work – I have good results, which is admittedly also like this because I don´t have the really hard cases and a little bit of luck.
At the moment I am only doing an internship which will last until March 2012. This also means, that I basically have to survive with 500 €/month, and  this at the age of almost 25 , while one of my colleagues already has become a team leader in a successful international company and is making quite some money.
This peculiar person also went to Ginebra  to study international relations, while I spent 2 years at home waitressing and not knowing very well what to do. After finishing her Bachelor with distinction, she went to Hong Kong and started working there (even though it has to be said that she worked for friends of her parents) while I still didn´t finish my thesis and currently live in the country within Europe with the highest unemployment rate.  Looking at my life and hers, I unfortunately have to state that she will be far more successful than me, which is not due to her being more intelligent than me, but a lot more ambitious.
Looking back, I wish I would have had someone to push me forward in some important decisions. However, certain things can´t be changed, and instead of grieving over the past, it’s better to accept the present and make the best of it.
There is only one thing which is totally clear to me: In march I have to find another , more or less well paid job which finally permits me to live a certain standard of living without having to turn around every penny that I spend. And so far, I don´t see myself especially qualified to get one of the awesome jobs.

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